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    About Us

    Delivering the highest level of service and quality of video images captured with the latest drone technology and photography equipment.
    Check out our Youtube page ( Sentinel FX Media & Services) for more of our videos

    We provide the following services:
    - Aerial Media Productions
    -Real Estate Media and Photography, 360 tours
    -Video Production
    -Promotional Marketing Videos, Imaging and Time Lapse
    - Weddings, Family and Corporate Events
    - Insurance Surveying and Damage Capture
    - Aerial Home Flood Risk Assessment
    - Construction Surveying, Imaging and Mapping
    - Land Elevation Assessments
    - Agriculture Crop Assessments
    - Cottage Dock Placements with GPS
    - Salvage Location and Recovery Assistance
    - 2D & 3D Mapping
    - Environmental Assessments - Wildlife and Erosion
    - Private Surveillance / Asset Recovery Video
    - Cinematography and Commercials
    - Sporting Events and Outdoor Functions
    - Concerts and Festival Aerial Video Capture
    -Golf Course Assessments and Surveying
    - Accident Investigation - Video Capture
    - Manufacturing Plant Aerial Assessments
    - Aerial Inspections and Investigations
    - Search and Rescue
    - Video Production Editing
    - Custom Soundtrack Production
    We are your one stop shop for all things media related

    Video Media


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