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    Be 8nfinite offers a platform for online transformative learning to inspire and empower you to imagine, create and enjoy the best version of yourself and a life filled with joy. Our focus is on realigning you with the wisdom of your heart, your inner balance, and life purpose to move joyfully toward your highest potential and to bring the quality you desire in all areas of your life. We have various one on one as well as group transformational coaching to dive deeper into understanding your deepest longings, your innate gifts and talents, the most meaningful part you can play, and the most valuable and unique contribution you can offer the world. We collaborate with a global network of holistic lifestyle practitioners from different modalities who support you in overcoming your subconscious limiting patterns and past conditioning. We provide you with the best support in a comprehensive and holistic way on the life-changing journey you are longing to step into.

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    Through this three-day retreat, we guide and support you in cultivating your spiritual lifestyle habits. We will practice mediation, breathwork, and yoga to begin our day. Our days will be filled with a balance of teachings and recreative activites of your choice, solitude and contemplation as well as connection and community.
    Through this three-day retreat, we guide you in designing your dream; away from your known environment and comfort zone, in a beautiful natural setting that is conductive to your imagination and dreaming process. Dreams are very fragile in the early stages of formation and we create a supportive environment like an incubator for your dream. On this path, wel lead you to freedom from your past conditioning and limiting beliefs.
    This program offers a brief taste of mindfulness practice and theory and provide some practices to be used in day-to-day life to live a more balanced life.
    The objective of this program is to reduce worry, anxiety, and stress, improve self-care, decrease burnout and improve your sense of well being.
    The purpose of this program is to learn to allow, accept and transform uncertainty. Although uncertainty is and has always been part of our lives it seems it has become increasingly more important to learn how to more effectively deal with it.
    The purpose of these bi-weekly gatherings, is to come together to meditate the Heartfulness Way and to share conversations on a diversity of spiritual and meditation topics.
    Through a set of dynamically interactive, sessions with our competent coach, you will have the opportunity to take a few steps back, pause and see if your life is what it should be and if you feel fulfilled in all areas of your life. You will be able to identify your deep aspirations, longings, and discontentment which guide you in designing your life as it ought to be to meet all your needs and to reach the best version of you that you are born to be.


    Be More U with Yoga!
    Be More U with Yoga!

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