• Georgina Chamber of Commerce: Business Survey - 2020

    1. Do you own or work for a business in Georgina?
    If Yes, please continue with the survey. If no, please exit survey and go to previous page to fill out our survey for Consumers.
    2. What is your position within this business?
    Town of Georgina's Overall Business Climate
    3. What do you like best about operating a business in the Town of Georgina? Check all options that relate to you.
    Local people/community
    Good Location
    Have lived here a long time/I like the area
    good weather
    Size of Town
    Beautiful Town
    Access to Amenities/Services
    Transportation/Don't need a Car
    Good Economy/Making Money
    Diverse culture/variety of people
    Busiess support/easy to make connections
    Don't Know
    4. What improvements do you think need to be made most to help Georgina businesses? Please check all that apply.
    Parking/Improve Parking
    Impove Downtown Cores
    Have lived here a long time/I like the area
    Reduce/Lower Taxes
    Promote Tourism
    Reduce/Lower Property Taxes
    Make it Safer/Improve Safety
    Attract More Business
    Deal with/eliminate loiterers
    More Advertising/Marketing by the Town
    Clean up the Streets/Town owned Lan/Properties
    Reduce Costs/Expenses
    Deal with Drugs/Street Drug Use
    Don't Know
    5. Please tell us if you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:
    Strongly Disagree Disagree Don't Know Agree Strongly Agree
    The Town of Georgina's rules and regulations for businesses are readily accessible
    The Town of Georgina's rules and regulations for businesses are easy to understand
    The Town of Georgina's regulatory environment is fair to all businesses
    6. Overall, how would you say the Town of Georgina is to operate a business?
    Top-Of-Mind Issues
    8. Based on the location of your business, please tell us if you agree or disagree with each statement:
    Agree Disagree Don't Know
    The appearance of buildings and storefronts in the area where my business is located is satisfactory
    The appearance and condition of public amenities and space in the area where my business is located is satisfactory
    Staff and customers feel safe and secure in the area where my business is located
    It is easy to find parking in the area where my business is located
    9. As a business operating in the Town of Georgina, what is the most important issue facing your community? Please choose the one issue you feel should receive the greatest attention from your local leaders.
    Working with the Town of Georgina
    10. Please tell us if you are satisfied or unsatisfied with each of the following services provided by the Town of Georgina, as it relates to your business. If you are unfamiliar with or have no experience with a particular service, please choose "Not applicable".
    Satisfied Unsatisfied Not applicable
    Fire Department Services
    Business licensing
    Town of Georgina website
    Town of Georgina beautification (ie: signage, landscaping, public art, street banners)
    Lighting, condition, and maintenance of streets and sidewalks
    Design of streets, public spaces, and boulevards
    Enforcement of bylaws for issues such as property, parks, and noise
    Building permits and inspections
    11. Thinking about your business information needs, what kinds of information do you want the Town of Georgina to provide you with? Check all that apply.
    Budget/municipal government spending
    Future Development Plans
    Future Infastructure Work
    Financial/business information (ie: trends, # of competitors, etc.)
    Changes to the community (ie: cleanliness, safety initiatives, etc.)
    Activities and plans in the community/neighbourhood
    By-law changes/updates
    Festivals and Event Information
    Transportation updates (ie: parking, traffic, general transportation needs, etc.)
    Notices/proceeding of the public/city council meetings
    Current projects/service updates
    City statistics (ie: demographics, economic growth, tourism, etc.)
    Community Feedback Forums
    Don't Know
    12. Based on the question above, are you satisfied with how well you are currently receiving this information?
    13. In the last twelve months, have you personally contacted or dealt wth the Town of Georgina, as it relates to your business?
    14. If you answered yes to Question #13, how satisfied were you with the overall level and quality of service provided by the Town of Georgina?
    Attracting and Maintaining Business in Georgina
    15. In your opinion, what is the most important action the Town of Georgina can take to attract and retain business in this municipality in general? Check one.
    Business Information
    17. Does your business have plans to do any of the following in the next five years?
    18. Do you plan on moving/relocating your business to another location in the next five years?
    19. Is your business a member of the Georgina Chamber of Commerce?
    20. There are a number of different ways the Georgina Chamber of Commerce can consult with businesses on important local issues. Please tell us how interested you would be in having the opportunity to provide your input to the Chamber through each of the following methods:
    Very interested Somewhat interested Uninterested Very uninterested
    Online survey (similar to this one)
    Social Media Posts
    Feedback Form or Comment Card
    Public Meetings
    Online Discussion Forum
    Please Note: this survey is anonymous. Answers to this question will give the Chamber a better idea of how local businesses would like to receive our information and provide input on important issues.
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    Thank-you for filling out the survey. If you are a resident of Georgina, feel free to also fill out the Consumer Survey. For more information about the Georgina Chamber of Commerce, its programs, benefits and upcoming events, please take a look at our website or head to the Contact Us page and sign up for our business newsletter.
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