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    Lake Living Cutting Board

    Wood cutting board with the words "Life is Better by the Lake" carved into the bottom right corner.
    $45.00 excl tax

    Georgina Paddle Tank

    Male sizing and fit
    $20.00 excl tax

    Georgina Book

    A book about What citizens value the most about Georgina created by resident of Georgina.
    $0.00 excl tax

    Stickers, Decals & Magnets

    From $1.50 excl tax

    Georgina Postcards

    Postcard versions of beautiful Georgina scenery & prints!
    From $1.00 excl tax

    Georgina Hats

    From $20.00 excl tax

    Lake Living V-neck

    Ladies red v-neck with "Life is better by the lake" in white lettering. Red: Model is 5'5 wearing size Medium. Teal and Mauve: Model is 5'8 wearing size Medium. True to size.
    $20.00 excl tax

    Fish of Lake Simcoe Tee

    T-shirt outlining some of Lake Simcoe's fish populations!
    $20.00 excl tax
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