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  • Wendy Comer - Primerica Independent Representative

    Wendy Comer - Primerica Independent Representative


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    Financial professionals are everywhere, and so many focus on the product not the person.

    I don’t walk into your life and tell you how to live it.

    It’s not about analyzing where it all went wrong. It’s deciding where it’s going now.

    I’m Wendy Comer, your expert in inspired wealthcare.

    A committed problem-solver here for you, Streamlining the frustration of financial gibberish, into straightforward humanspeak.

    What you see is what you get.

    No judgement, no blame. No “shoulding” all over you.

    Just genuine empathy, understanding and a sincere desire to see you perfect and protect the financial empire you deserve.

    I do things a little differently.

    No grand gestures or extreme investing.

    Once we create your personalized strategy, the one that’s right for your needs, I’m always here for you, a click away, to help you make those ordinary everyday decisions that add up to so much in the end.

    I’m Wendy Comer, The WEALTHWorthy Way.
    Independent Representative of Primerica

    It’s all possible, more than you’ve imagined.



    How Money works
    Marriage and Money
    Client Philosophy
    Theory of Decreasing Responsibility
    Family's Future
    Biggest Regrets
    Cycle of Market Emotions
    Money Mindset
    Retirment Paycheque Sources
    Women's Financial Independence Journey
    Financial Planning with spouse

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    Wendy Comer
    Independent Representative of Primerica
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