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    Michelle's Framing services include: Custom Framing, Restoration, Installation, Consultation, Artist Services, Corporate Services, Collection Management and an online Art Shop. Serving Georgina & Area with 20+ years experience.

    Michelle's Framing is located within a private home based studio in Keswick ON and is open by appointment.

    Michelle's Framing is dedicated to using quality archival materials and methods so that pieces not only look beautiful but they are preserved for years to come!

    Michelle Vacca is the owner/framer of Michelle's Framing. She grew up and continues to reside in Georgina. Michelle is a graduate of The Etobicoke School of the Arts with a double major in Visual Arts and Instrumental Music and holds a BFA in Fine Arts from The Ontario College of Art & Design and post grad studies in Social Science. Her early beginnings started in the late 90's in Yorkville as a gallery director and over the years her work and interests turned to archiving, preserving, restoration of art and custom framing.


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