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  • Georgina gym 24/7 NRG Fitness is celebrating 25 years! The owner, Robin Smith, invites everyone to celebrate by dropping in for a workout session!

    24/7 NRG has officially re-opened to the public with COVID-19 safety measures in place. You can expect some of the following rules when visiting the gym:

    ·     physical distancing measures are in place;

    ·     members are given a spray bottle to sanitize equipment as they go;

    ·     every 90 minutes a staff member sanitizes all high contact areas;

    ·     you can pre-book your workout times online to ensure capacity at the gym does not exceed 15 people;

    ·     masks must be worn when moving through the gym but may be removed when using a workout station.

    To learn more about the new safety measures at 24/7 NRG Fitness, their hours of operation and class schedule, visit nrgfitness247.com or call 905-989-2778.

    Robin Smith encourages local businesses to take advantage of the grant opportunities available to businesses in Georgina. She was the successful recipient of the Georgina Emergency Response Benefit and the York Small Business Enterprise Centre’s COVID-19 Small Business Recovery program.

    The Georgina Emergency Response Benefit, provided by the Town of Georgina and administered by Southlake Community Futures, was launched in April 2020 and provided $250,000 in grant funding to support local businesses that saw a 30 percent reduction in revenue. The funds were given out as grants to local businesses with amounts ranging from $2,500 to a maximum of $7,500. Through this initiative, 66 businesses were supported and received funding for a total of $247,500. To find out more about support programs available to local businesses, visit georgina.ca/business.

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    Author: Georgina Economic Development and Tourism office at the Town of Georgina


  • Local Georgina campaign urges residents to adopt "local" concept

    The importance of shopping local


    Many of us grew up chatting around the dinner table about the importance of buying Canadian products. Fast forward to 2020, and the same message is being brought to the forefront - Buy Canadian. Buy from Ontario. Buy local. 

    The concept seems sound, but why are we really being reminded every day to support our local economy? Essentially, it’s about keeping money within the community and supporting each other, which will, in turn, benefit you and your neighbours.

    Property taxes paid by local businesses are used to support your schools, parks, roads and other local programs. You're also supporting the creation of more jobs in the area, which will make it a better place to live and work. Environmental effects cannot be left out. When you shop locally, you conserve energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging.  

    Shopping local is a way of thinking that changes our habits and priorities. This is what the Shop Local Georgina campaign is all about - adopting the concept of shopping local. 

    The Georgina Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Town of Georgina, launched the Shop Local campaign in June during Stage One of the province’s reopening plan. A new webpage - shoplocalgeorgina.ca, was launched, followed by communication through various channels to get the message heard. 

    The next phase of the campaign will build on the concept to engage local spending through events and business spotlights.


    Author: Georgina Economic Development and Tourism office at the Town of Georgina

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