• Georgina 200

  • Celebrating 200 Years of Community in Georgina (1818-2018)

    Georgina is marking its 200th anniversary in 2018! All members of the community are invited to join together to recognize and celebrate this important milestone.

    The present day boundaries of Georgina are made up of two former townships: North Gwillimbury to the West of Highway 48 (North/South) and Georgina to the East. The Village of Sutton (including Jackson’s Point) was incorporated by York County Council and first met as a separate entity in 1891.

    The Township of Georgina was named and declared open for settlement on August 28 1818. The Gwillimburys (East, West, and North) were under order of survey in 1800, with patents issued after this date – though settlers were ‘squatting’ here before this time. North Gwillimbury Township and the Village of Sutton were amalgamated with Georgina Township in 1971. Georgina was granted Town status in 1986. In 2018 we recognize this milestone of 200 years, while not forgetting the nearly two decades of settlement that occurred in North Gwillimbury Township prior to this.

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