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  • 2021 Federal Election

    Due to current COVID-19 safety protocols, the Georgina Chamber of Commerce is unable to host a public debate with an audience in attendance.  Instead, the Chamber taped a debate using zoom on Thursday, September 9th, in partnership with Rogers tv Georgina.  In an effort to cover topics relevant to York-Simcoe residents, the Chamber requested the public to submit questions for all candidates.  The debate will begin airing on September 11th and will air several times prior to September 20th.  

  • There are a number of places to watch the debate:
    1) Rogers Channel 10 and/or live streamed on their website: www.rogerstv.com/georgina on the following dates & times:
    Sept.12th @ 1pm & 9pm
    Sept.13th @ 8pm
    Sept.14th @ 4pm
    Sept. 15th @ 9pm
    Sept.16th @ 4pm
    Sept.17th @ 7pm
    Sept.18th @ 5pm & 9pm
    Sept.19th @ 1pm & 9pm
    2) Rogers tv YouTube channel at the following link https://youtu.be/EU7W_2ivE1U.
    3) This page...see below.
  • 2021 Federal All Candidates Debate
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