• Clearwater New Farmer Apprenticeship Program

    The ClearWater Farm New Farmer Apprenticeship program is being launched in 2019.  The Program is conceived as a multi-year progression with apprentices spending their first season developing skills and confidence through working in ClearWater’s own farming operations.  In subsequent years, in exchange for a part-time work commitment in ClearWater’s operation, successful apprentices will be given access to increasing amounts of land on which to carry out their own plans, with access to support in the form of mentorship, access to equipment and supplies, onsite subsidized housing and an ability to sell their produce into ClearWater’s food program at a known price.  Apprentices are not committed to continue in the program after each year, but priority will be given to candidates who articulate an interest in using this program to develop and demonstrate their ability to manage their own land over time.

    Grow all fruit, vegetables and flowers using a high intensity growing style, maintaining organic growing standards.
    Maintain highest standards of best practices for hygiene and safety of plants, wildlife and humans.
    Treat the land and all living things upon it with respect and stewardship.
    Be an ambassador for Clearwater Farm to the community, visitors to the property and in the public eye.

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